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Reimagining a Culture of Consent.

Illustration by Natalie P Bui

Operating as a Women of Color owned business in predominantly white institutions have led to countless challenging conversations and moments, internally as well as externally.

Below are our guiding principles in how we approach our diversity, equity, and inclusion work around race and gender equity, with our clients and with…

Lessons learned by Natalie Bui, Kausar Mohammed, Veline Mojarro

1. Don’t Sweat the “big” name clients.

2. Cut the respectability politics and code switching

It’s been painful, tiring, exhausting given all that’s happened around elder abuse within the Asian American community. On top of the hate crimes, there’s been a lot of learning, unpacking, and truths being shared about how our community has been processing. As a racial and gender equity consulting group, it…

This article was created after reflecting on the many conversations we were (and still are) having within ourselves, our friends, our families, and our communities. Well-meaning liberals who feel activated in this moment, who have “good intentions”, and really are wanting to be “good allies” are still complicit in white…

The following are six takeaways from SHIFT’s webinar: Challenging White Supremacy through Rest.” For additional information about our next upcoming live webinar, please sign up for our newsletter HERE.

SHIFT is a diversity, equity, and inclusion, and sexual harassment prevention consulting firm founded by three women of color. We are…


Racial equity and gender equity consulting group founded by three women of color. •Natalie Bui, Veline Mojarro, Kausar Mohammed• Visit

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