Dear Well Meaning Liberals: How We’re Complicit In White Supremacy

This article was created after reflecting on the many conversations we were (and still are) having within ourselves, our friends, our families, and our communities. Well-meaning liberals who feel activated in this moment, who have “good intentions”, and really are wanting to be “good allies” are still complicit in white supremacy. Through our reflection of these conversations and our work at SHIFT we recognize the ways in which this Liberation Movement is pushing ALL of us to go deeper, to do better, and address the ways in which we internalize and continue to uphold the violence of white supremacy in this moment.

This work was inspired by the continuous love and labor of Black Women and Femmes of Color like Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Rachel Cargle, Erika Heart, NoName, and so many more.

Illustration created by @nataliepbui (Instagram).


Make It About You

Want Immediate Solutions

Tone Police

Want to Be the Perfect Ally

Play Devil’s Advocate

Weaponize Your Education

Think in Scarcity

Don’t Address Whiteness

Long list? We know! But the journey to unpacking our internalized white supremacy is a continuously evolving lifelong commitment. Now is the time to practice this unpacking, fail, and get back up to commit yourself to the work again, and again.

We need to hold ourselves accountable so we can show up for each other in community and in this moment. Share this article with your other well meaning liberal friends, and let’s keep this work moving.

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